Beth Davis
Registered MBACP Accredited Psychodynamic Counsellor working in Bristol

I have many years of experience helping people gain a better understanding of themselves and their emotions. I have been privileged enough to have worked with people from all walks of life. People who to the outside world may look like everything is ok, but maybe struggling with some part of their life that is causing them emotional / and or physical distress.

My training is in Psychodynamic Counselling, which focuses on unconscious and conscious thought processes. 

Experiences in the past can influence our present behaviour beyond our current awareness, causing difficulties with relationships and other important areas of life.

Throughout our sessions, we will work to try and help you come to your own understanding of those influences, helping you discover who you are and what you want for the future.


I welcome and value each client’s
unique experiences, perspectives and viewpoints

I integrate my practice with a cognitive and mindful approach. What does this mean? Sometimes it can be helpful for us to think about some coping strategies and techniques in-between sessions, particularly when dealing with anxiety and addictions.

You may have mixed feelings about your job or family, be struggling with a difficult work colleague or a fall out with a friend. Our sessions can also help you figure out why you may feel very oversensitive to people’s needs or you constantly feel lonely or empty.

Having counselling does not always mean you have to spend years in therapy, nor does it mean sitting in painful silences. Over time there may be room for some laughter too!

Counselling provides a space where the focus is on you, your experience and how you make sense of the world. 

Our sessions can be useful if you have a particular issue you are grappling with and need a neutral space to work things out, but you do not necessarily have to come to therapy with a huge traumatic event or diagnosis.

I feel it can be immensely helpful to think about the past and how this has shaped us, but more importantly, how can this knowledge then be used to help in the present? What’s next? How can things be better? How can we move forward?



Counselling gives you a safe space
to explore how you really feel

Life changes and challenges can be difficult to process. These could include divorce, job loss, retirement or other significant life events which were not what we planned or envisaged. The impact of these can be incredibly painful, affecting how we see ourselves and how we react to others. 

Grief can be a complex process and everyone deals with grief in a very individual way. You may feel furiously angry, destabilised or numb. These are all very normal reactions to the loss of someone or something we cared about deeply.

Sometimes it takes time to process a loss and a smaller subsequent loss can trigger unexpected feelings connected with the original loss. For some individuals this can feel confusing, frightening and overwhelming. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to immediate family and friends as they may seem too close or you may fear upsetting them. Counselling can be helpful in providing a neutral perspective giving you a safe space to grieve.



Work and Training Experiences

I am a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Accredited Psychodynamic Counsellor with a WPF Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling.

I trained with Gloucestershire Counselling Service for 5 years; after completing my diploma I continued to develop my skills further by attending a Postgraduate Associate Year. I have a wealth of experience dealing with depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss. After my training I worked as a staff counsellor and assessment worker. During this time, I also worked for a national gambling charity, GamCare.

I adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act and the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. This means I have regular monthly supervision coupled with attending and recording my continual professional development throughout the year.

How can counselling help me?

  • Alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. (Panic attacks, over- thinking/ racing thoughts)
  • Helps with decision making and problem solving.
  • Helpful with understanding and recovering from addiction and or compulsions.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Allows space for you to explore and understand your core beliefs and values enabling you to make decisions and life choices that are right for you.
  • It may help to improve sleep problems, insomnia, nightmares.
  • Provides you with the resources to develop your own tools and strategies to help change your mood.
  • It can help you deal with your anger and frustrations in an appropriate way.
  • Helps you deal with the unknown and the anxious feelings this can create.

How long does counselling take? 

Counselling is a process and dependant on your experience, so there is no hard and fast rule on how much you need. 

Generally, a short term piece of work would be anything between 6 - 24 sessions. This may be to work through a particular issue you have where there is a focus to our work together.

Open-ended work would be a deeper experience, enabling you to explore many different aspects of your life. This can be beneficial if you have tried short term interventions in the past and it has not felt like enough.

How long does a counselling session last?

A counselling session lasts 50 minutes. We will usually arrange to meet weekly at the same time and on the same day. I have some flexibility with time should you have work commitments or difficult shift patterns.


Will I have to pay for missed sessions?

I have a 72 hour cancellation policy. Any session cancelled after this time will be charged at the rate agreed for our counselling sessions. 


How much does a session cost?

The initial consultation session is very important, giving you time to see if you wish to work with me and whether the psychodynamic modality of counselling is suitable for your needs.

Initial consultation £45

50 minute counselling session £45

Get in Touch

To book an initial consultation - or if you have further questions -feel free to contact me via email or phone. 

I strive to work ethically and within my own skill level. If I feel that you would be better helped by another professional I will always refer.





+44 7980 047872


I work from the Practice Rooms in Cotham Hill.

39 Cotham Hill, Bristol